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Power Chairs

Monarch Literider

A pull apart travel power chair with larger 21a/h battery pack than the standard 12a/h. Also has larger puncture proof wheels than most. Weight capacity is 125kg.

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Monarch GP650

A mid wheel drive power chair for the best manoeuvrability indoors and unique suspension that keeps all 6 wheels on the ground when outdoors.  A large comfortable captain seat and swing away hand control for closer access to tables. 136kg weight capacity.

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CTM HS-5600

Heavy duty rear wheel drive with 181kg maximum capacity. Swing away hand control for closer table access. 50amp/hr batteries and 8km/h top speed. Available in Red or Silver.

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CTM HS-2800

A compact medium mid wheel drive, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Has a swing away hand control for closer table access. Maximum capacity is 135kg with a top speed of 6.5km/h. 

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Shoprider Cougar 14

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with the same comfort as the Cougar 10 but with large 14" (360mm) wheels giving it added suitability for outdoor use, with a higher top speed of 10km/h. Maximum user weight is 136kg on level ground.

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Shoprider Puma 14HD

A heavy duty version of the Puma with larger 14" (360mm) wheels and 75amp batteries and a massive 205kg maximum user weight on level ground. It has the same multi adjustable captain seat  and large 175mm elastometer casters as the Puma 10. Maximum speed is 6km/h.

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