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The EBL fiberglass ramp has a concertina folding action and a large Edge Barrier for safety and 300kg load  limit. 82cm wide.
90cm      $625
1.2mt     $775
1.5mt     $850
1.65mt  $1050
2mt         $1450

INVACARE Senior Ramp

The Senior ramp has the same  specifications  as the EBL but without the Edge Barrier Limiter. 75cm wide.

90cm      $595

1.2mt     $650

1.5mt     $775

2mt         $1150

INVACARE Personal Ramp

A lightweight  trifold ramp for easy transport. Ideal for climbing kerbs and single steps. Weighs 4.7kg with a 17.5cm obstacle height. 74.5cm wide.

70cm      $520

REDGUM Single Fold Ramp

An aluminium centre fold ramp with a  maximum load capacity of 270kg. 74cm wide.

60cm      $160                                 

90cm     $190

1.2mt     $235                                 

1.5mt     $310

1.8mt     $395

                                  2.1mt     $450

REDGUM Telescopic Ramp

An aluminium telescopic, adjustable length ramp  with a maximum load of 270kg. 19cm wide. Sold as a pair.

70-120cm        $165

110-180cm     $215

125-240cm     $295

REDGUM Threshold Ramp

A one piece aluminium non slip ramp for small steps or door frames. Weighs only 2kg. Maximum load 270kg. 72.5cm wide.

70cm      $80