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Invacare Colibri Colours


Jasper Red

Jade Green

Saphire Blue

Stone Orange

Invacare Colibri 

The new Invacare Colibri is a stylish, simple and colourful micro-lightweight scooter. Faster than most travel scooters at 8km/h. Thanks to the unique Invacare LiteLock system, the scooter can easily be taken apart without the need for tools, and fits neatly into most car boots. Available in Red, Blue, Green, White and Orange.

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CTM HS-328

Mid sized

21a/h batteries

Available in red & silver

Maximum speed 8km/h

Larger seat, wheels & batteries

Maximum user capacity 136kg

Heaviest piece when dimantled 17kg

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Pride Quest

Folding travel scooter, simply pull one lever

23.5kg with battery pack removed

Lithium 11.5a/h battery

115kg capacity

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